Author: Dr. Gary Huber

Hit the switch, light a fire, challenge the norm - call it what you want but life is too precious to simply slug through it "trying to get by". Don't simply get through the day, i challenge you to get something from the day. Don't know how to change? This is your lucky day. Come join us in our march

Are you happy? Simple question, yet when asked it is frequently met with a questioning look into the distance, a furrowed brow, a minute of contemplation and then a less than robust agreement that in general things are OK. So unfortunate, given that every minute of every day is an opportunity to engage in joyous celebration of life. So why don’t we?

We are consumed by our “To Do” list, our schedule, our commitments, our urgent issues of the day, most of which is neither urgent nor necessary. We are rats on the wheel, spinning, spinning always spinning but are we really advancing in any real sense, who we are and what is our life about?  Most people when asked, do not have a mission statement for their lives. Most people when asked “their purpose” struggle to mumble anything beyond cliché.

It’s OK if this is you as that puts you in the majority but is that your goal? To be a drift amongst the mediocre majority? When polled, guess how many people are able to answer all 3 of these questions in the affirmative:

  • Eats a balanced diet daily with ample vegetables
  • Keeps weight under healthy control
  • Exercises on a regular basis
  • Don’t smoke

A whopping 3%.

So, what’s my point? I’m just wondering what holds so many of us back from living a truly remarkable life full of flavor and richness. What are we waiting for? I think the answer is in part that we don’t understand how the game is played. The game of life is the only game where the object of the game is to understand the rules. No one has ever given us a concise book on how our bodies work, how our brain works and the control levers that we can use to manage it.

I want to invite you to change all that and to break out of your rut and into a remarkable existence that is loaded with happiness and self-satisfaction. Come join me in January for a look at your brain, your mind and your belief system. Chelsea and I are going to present a course that has been a part of our practice for years. The Mind-Body Mission is a part of our Virtuoso Program. The Virtuoso program is a comprehensive lifestyle education that gives you all the “secrets” to robustly healthy living all compiled in one nice story line. The Mind-Body Mission is a piece of that program that unravels the complexities how of mind works and more importantly how we can reprogram it for success. It uncovers WHY you do what you do on a daily basis and allows you to redefine your actions as you redefine your beliefs.

If you are ready to live a truly exceptional existence and are looking for solutions to age old self sabotaging behaviors, not the least of which is eating poorly, then please commit to yourself for 3 Saturday sessions. Call our office to reserve your seat. It can redefine what 2019 means to you and change your life view forever.