Author: Dr. Gary Huber

Are you happy every single day of your life? Why not? Are YOU the source of your own misery? Be nice to YOU. Come join me and celebrate every day of your life with vibrant appreciation for each day. It's really a lot of fun.

Are you happy? Should you be? Could you be? Why wouldn't you be?  Most people when asked the simple question “Are you happy?” often tilt their head and have to pause before answering. That's a shame. I could make a pretty strong argument that simply being happy each day should be the primary purpose of life. This should be our #1 goal. But what about work, and struggle and making a living and all that other stuff? Yes, we need to do that but the science (yes, there actually exist a happiness science) would say that people that tend to their internal happiness are better workers, have more success, make more money, have healthier relationships and better immune systems. What? Being happy is super power? YES!!

Here is the sad part of happiness . . . most people don't know that they are capable of producing internal happiness at will and if they did this more often and spread it around them,  their entire community would be a better place. TRUE STUFF!!  I am going to discuss this Thursday night at 8PM (1/24/19) on a Live Facebook event. Come join me and save my fingers from typing all this stuff as it is more fun to talk about it. Bring your questions and your scrutiny and make me prove it to you. I’m pretty convincing and I have the science on my side. Please let me into your world and hopefully spread a little sunshine. Its REAL!!

Facebook Live – Huber Personalized Medicine – Thursday 8PM.