Author: Dr. Gary Huber

Before you tell yourself that your brain is "too busy" to meditate or you dismiss it as wasted time, take a rational look and decide if you might be missing out on something that would actually help you find greater success in life. If you are 100% delighted with everything in your life then don't r

Harden your resolve as you soften your heart. Open up your mind in order to shut out pain and suffering. Life is full of paradox. Seemingly contradictory ideology. And in this illogical realm lives meditation. In America we are trained that multi-tasking and constant busyness is the key to success which holds within it the joyous fruit called Happiness. That is an upside down, inside out lie. People that thrive on multitasking make more mistakes, get less done and feel more stress than people who simply approach each individual task with singular resolve to do one good job at a time. Mental focus, a sense of calm and a joyous heart will always feel and function the best. This is where “Meditation”, the act of calming the brain reigns as champion practice for truly successful people.

Meditation is little more than finding the patience to allow yourself to simply BE in the moment. Not thinking, no planning, no multi-tasking, just open mental space and soaking in the present moment to create calm in your brain. A calm brain is smarter and more efficient than a frazzled brain. Do you like sports? What happens when an athlete finds himself “in the zone”? They are relaxed and focused and doing ONE thing with apparent ease. How well could that same athlete perform if he was anxious, last few seconds of the game, frantically trying to make a play? Failure personified. Let success come to you, let it find you and be attracted to you as you perform in calm fashion generating internal happiness.

It is not success that breeds happiness but the other way around. If success made us happy then the wealthy and the famous would be the happiest people on the planet. They are not. One might argue that Oprah Winfrey is one of THE most successful, famous and wealthiest people on the planet yet she struggled with severe depression much of her life. What does this have to do with meditation? Meditation concentrates our ability to maintain mental focus and our ability to create separation from stress. It is merely a tool that repairs our brain and tunes it for best performance.

Studies using fancy MRI imaging technology have proven that meditator's have better brains, larger grey matter, less shrinkage of the brain over time, less damage to DNA, smaller fear and anger centers in the brain and greater capacity for generating joy. Meditator's experience less “cortisol” (stress hormone) and generate more happy chemicals in their brain so less anxiety and depression and yes better SLEEP.

So, put quite simply, if you choose not to make meditation a part of your daily life then you are giving up one of the greatest brain tools that exists. You can expect worse sleep, less creativity and poorer mental stamina than anyone who does meditate. Your brain ages more quickly and the measurable joy in your life will be suboptimal. But hey, this is America and you have the right to choose that route.

Check out my video on Meditation 

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    and begin your journey by opening your mind to the possibility. Explore it with the curiosity of a child and allow it to slowly enter your existence. You don’t have to buy a white robe, or chant and no incense is required.

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