Author: Dr. Gary Huber

Why do we do the things we do? How and why does our brain choose to do harmful things? Why am I addicted to __________? How do i take back control and drive Happiness through the roof? The answers are closer than you think.

Being comfortable feels nice but it doesn’t make your stronger. It’s great to have a comfortable couch, soft clothes and a warm blanket. But if those things make up 90% of your day then you are getting as soft as that couch. As much as we may like to run from challenges it the hard things in life that drive our growth. Think back to that tough college professor or that demanding coach that wanted more out of you. That is when you reached deep and found out what you were capable of.

I see friends and neighbors striving to capture the “easy” life. A life where no real hard work is needed and everything is given to them in payment of past accomplishments. Sounds boring to me. Said another way, I worked hard once upon a time and that growth and development has led me to a point where I am ready to start dying. I’m ready to get soft and lose my edge. I want to slow down so that I don't rush past the funeral home on my way to the grave.

I know, sounds harsh. Perhaps there is middle ground and yes, I agree that life should have an enjoyable pace. I am not a fan of working so many hours a day that you don’t have time to stop and enjoy the ride. But when the sole focus becomes “what’s easiest, convenient and comfortable” we are omitting so many activities that help to keep us lean and healthy.

Interesting fact is that most of us work hard and then chase rewards like alcohol and sugar to satisfy our need for comfort. We engulf our snacks hoping they will make us “Happy”.  Addiction to sugar and salt never leads to happiness. Pleasure is not the same as Happiness. If you pay attention and carefully observe you will see that your happiness in born inside of you and emanates out of you when you are growing, serving, and striving to improve. Dedicating yourself to creating happiness inside and pouring happiness out of you and into your work and family is what leads to success.  Success does not lead to happiness.  It's the other way around.

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