Author: Dr. Gary Huber

The start of each day can really set you up for success or if mishandled simply feel like a grind. It has taken me years to figure out my own flaws and arrive at this lovely combination of factors that gets me motor revving each morning and keeps me smiling through the day.

Today ROCKS!!!  Everyday above ground rocks but today is “more better”.  (go to town you grammar geeks). So I want to walk you through my version of the perfect start to a perfect day.

  1. First of all I got 8.5 hours of completely uninterrupted sleep. Meditated earlier in the day yesterday and so at night I have learned how to totally turn off my mind. Room was cool, pitch black dark and free of all electrical devices.

  2. Water first. While my coffee was brewing I had a 12 ounce glass of purified water. Keeping hydrated allows me to burn fat more easily.

  3. Black coffee – observing my “fasting” state I had a simple cup of black coffee without coconut oil or butter. Butter and fat will come soon at 10AM.

  4. To Do List. As I enjoyed this black rich goodness I sat in quiet solitude at my laptop selecting the top “3” tasks that I wanted to complete today. NOT 27 task, not 3 pages of tasks, just the top three things that matter today. If I accomplish these THREE things then today will have been a success. If I select 27 things and then only get 14 things done I will see that as a failure. Why do that to myself?  I like me.

  5. Cold Exposure – with my warm coffee in me and my mind focused on a few tasks I head outdoors in shorts and a T-shirt and gloves to go for a short run in the 30 degree weather. I LOVE this feeling. Yes, it is an acquired taste but a habit that lifts me up. See my other posts on “Cold Exposure & Fat Burning”. My mind is allowed to simply float through ideas and take in the morning freshness as my lungs feel the sharp bite of cold air. I start walking and after a short spell start a slow jog. As I hit the open field I go into a 50 yard sprint and then slow back down to catch my breath. I sprint again and again with brief walks to catch my breath. I feel really alive. The brisk air, the trees, the pulse racing . . . this is how the body smiles.

  6. Exercise – see the notes above. I did high intensity intervals. Shorts bursts separated by moments to catch up. This is a short effort but one that generates amazing body chemicals to lift my spirit and turn the brain on. This form of exercise stimulates growth hormone and stimulates tight blood sugar control. I have written about this elsewhere.

  7. With my brain turned on and my body alive with ambition I sit for a short spell and read something meaningful. It could be a book about Happiness or Mindful living, prayer book, or it could be a science article on a topic I need for my patients. My brain soaks it up like a sponge thirsty for ideas.

  8. Sauna – if you have this option its awesome. I bought an infra-red sauna last Christmas and we love it. I turned it on as I headed outdoors for my run and it is now at a toasty 118 degrees and rising. This is a great detox for my body and I have conditioned myself to meditate when I am in the sauna. Or sometimes I read in there. Either way it is a calm, quiet, lovely experience that I enjoy almost daily.

  9. As I head to the shower I am focusing my mind on what I am grateful for in my life. Did you know that it is impossible to be unhappy when focusing on gratitude? Happiness is built inside of you with intention. Happiness can't be gifted to you, you have to make it. So I make a huge pile of it to share with everyone I meet today.

Now for a hot shower (if you didn't go outside this morning then you might select a cold shower as your cold exposure . . . brrrr) and get ready for the day. In the short 60 to 90 minutes I detailed above I have awakened my body and my brain, detoxed my cells, reset my nervous system for a balanced calm and ignited my endocrine system to produce balanced hormones that fuel my drive. I set my expectations for the day and refused to get swept up into the “To Do List” from hell.  Today is going to be thoroughly enjoyable.

There are a lot of other habits you might incorporate into your morning routine. Consider a foam roller for 3-5 minutes, or a stretching routine. Some days I hit the PEMF mat or do oil pulling. If you don’t have a good morning routine that is meaningful but would like to explore this further then check out our Virtuoso program as it holds the answers you are looking for. Go to my website and look at Health Programs for a listing of what it involves.

Constructing the life you want rather than simply accepting what others hand you makes a world of difference. Thriving is so much more fun than simply surviving. I would love nothing more than for you to come join me . . .  living out loud.