Author: Dr. Gary Huber

I sit in an amazing chair that teaches me life lessons on a daily basis. The chair I speak of is in my office facing patients and their stories every day. I keep a box of Kleenex near as tears of both joy and sorrow flow on a daily basis. But let me get right to the point. I see people turn their lives upside down and inside out getting rid of pain and suffering that has in many cases been with them for several decades. Headaches, diarrhea, back pain, sleeplessness, cravings, addictions, moods and more that evaporate into thin air and a new person emerges to walk a path that has long been sought. How? Willingness to accept change. Willingness to learn new ideas and pursue paths that upset the old ideology that held them hostage. Yes, I gave the direction and coaching but without their willingness to change I am helpless. And my joy and amazement comes from watching what each of them becomes and achieves as they spread into their new found life with a mind that is free of past constraints.

Now contrast that with the tears of misery that are endless by those held bound by their own mental prison. All of us construct a false prison, a set of rules that we feel we are bound to from past experiences that create reasonable reasons why we can’t do things, can’t change, and couldn’t possibly alter our own course because our own rules forbid it. These are folks that I love and long to free yet feel helpless as I am powerless against the power of their convictions. They are unhappy, unfulfilled, unsettled and unhealthy but the cruel truth is that it is not genetics but rather choices that build the iron bars of their encampment. They own too many excuses as to why they must live in their dungeon.

I leave work most days knowing the following:

  • Change is scary, but for those that seeks answers more than personal validation they can redefine themselves and throw shackles aside. They can create and explore an entirely different reality that brims with potential and excitement.
  • For those too beaten down by life, too nearsighted to see over the horizon, then they are doomed to their preconceived notions and their sour predictions will ultimately come true.

It’s easy to say, “well, who would consent to such a grizzly fate” but I see it every week. The excuses are endless and the results remain the same. So WHY do I bother to share this? Because the TRUTH is that the difference between these two outcomes lies 100% entirely within YOU. I am but a guide but YOU are the powerful maker of change. YOU hopefully control your mind and your beliefs. And have the strength to bend those beliefs to your own best good. No one can make you change or make you see potential. No one can push you up a hill that is difficult. If it is important to you then it will get done and if not then . . .    But I feel so many of us have never been taught how to change our mind. How to get out of our own way. How to stop making problems for our self. How to happily accept the lead from someone vested in our best path. It is so easy to stay with what is familiar and doubt that anything new will ever work. It’s like staying with an abusive spouse and convincing yourself that it’s not that bad.

If you are feeling a stinging sensation in your gut or in the back of your brain then I am speaking to YOU. I likely already know you but you haven’t decided to fully invest in yourself yet. You are on the edge of the shadow ready to duck for cover and afraid to step into the full light. Afraid what you might learn about yourself. Afraid that you will have to learn NEW things and cast old garbage aside. And I am praying that you melt under that light into a pile of goo that smolders and then re-erects itself into a new life form. A bigger, better, bolder, brighter version that has stripped off layers and years of crud and mismanaged beliefs to discover that life is possible at an infinitely higher levels of exploration.

The only one holding you back is YOU.   Decide – Commit – Excel.