Author: Dr. Gary Huber

Want to change your life for the better? Forever?

Losing weight is nice but changing your life forever is truly what you want. Wouldn't you rather lose weight AND reduce medication use and resolved fatigue, mental fog, sleep issues and body ache? Well, you can and it will be easier than you think. The problem for most people is they have never really learned how their body works. This makes us suckers for any half-baked gimmick that promises instant easy weight loss. But when you assemble a basic understanding of a few simple physiologic principles bound by medical science, then engaging the body for repair is really quite straight forward.


Doubt us? Great!! We love doubters as you force us to walk our talk and deliver.

We do what no one else can do, we embrace your health from all sides.

Balance hormones, detailed thyroid assessment, nutritional guidance, cognitive mind body connection, sleep physiology, cortisol and stress and more. When you put all these factors together then success is unavoidable.


When you follow our program we will reshape the way you think and reshape your beliefs. It is only through this mindful approach that you finally discover a truly peaceful and fulfilling life where you feel in control. You will lose pounds and restore your health in a way you have never experienced before.   These pounds you lose can’t come back because the body that created them doesn't exist anymore. Feeling good and experiencing true health is very addictive and the only way those pounds can ever find you again is if you make a conscious decision to return to your former poorly constructed lifestyle. Yuk!


We are uniquely qualified to engage you in an experience that is worthy of you. We have all the necessary tools and we invite you to explore our pages of success stories. We change lives and we love what we do. The only question that remains is when do YOU want to get started? The answer is clearly TODAY.


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