Author: Dr. Gary Huber

I ate ice cream and killed my ketosis but exercise and good diet threw me right back in the game in less than 24 hours. No suggesting you cheat but hey . . . life is unpredictable. Take control of your physiology and bend it to your will.

Wanna hear a wacky story? I love to rat myself out and I love to experiment with my own physiology so here goes. Went out with friends last night and had taco’s and corn chips. Not a Keto meal, right? Plus I had a margarita (was Friday after all).  Then went and ate a BIG bowel of ice cream, had to be close to a pint. Goodbye Keto. Got up this morning and checked my ketones simply out of curiosity and as expected it measured 0.2  That's nowhere close to being Keto.

Had a cup of black coffee, ate some nuts and 2 bites of a fat bomb (high fat snack made of coconut oil and almond butter) and went out for a 34 mile bike ride. Drank amino acids and water. No carb. Once home continued to snack on nuts, water, a few olives, small amount of raw veggies and more water. Coconut oil and butter in my coffee and putted around the house. At 5PM I rechecked my ketones and I was at 0.8!!! In less than 20 hours I had returned to a ketogenic, fat burning state after having ice cream and chips.

So why tell you this? NO I am NOT advocating that you eat ice cream and no I am not proud of my decadent breach of my own healthy protocol. I share it because I am constantly telling my patients and my friends to explore your physiology with the curiosity of a child. Enjoy the process. Results are results and if you aren’t getting them then figure out why but don’t beat yourself up in the process. Simply be willing to experiment with what makes your body work. I am 100% certain that if I hadn’t gone on that bike ride and pushed my body to find calories within that I would not be in ketosis right now. But I did go and I did push hard because I’m am perpetually in a state of “how do I get stronger and younger today”.

If instead you find yourself making excuses then do everyone you love a favor and keep them to yourself. Excuses are self-made poisons that are best enjoyed alone. The body is capable of amazing things and yes it will listen to you and obey if you give it the right signals. If you aren’t getting the results you expect then simply be willing to retrace your steps, hold yourself accountable and try a new direction. But do it with a light heart, the joy and curiosity of a child and expect the process to be fun. To live life any other way is painful and silly.

If you want more hints on how to cheat on a ketogenic diet than go see my video on YouTube or Facebook, “How to cheat on a ketogenic diet”. My YouTube channel is Dr. Gary Huber, YouTube. Enjoy!