Author: Dr. Gary Huber

Are you really in control of your life? Your thoughts? Are you enjoying the degree of happiness in your life that you feel you deserve? If not then come share a meaningful conversation with us this January at the Mind-Body Mission Conference.

Do you know what’s sad? When you see someone who has EVERYTHING they could ever want or need and yet can’t manage to generate their own happiness. Do you know someone like that? It makes my heart weep to see nice people who can't seem to get out of their own way.

I just took my Dad out for lunch to share a little one on one time and celebrate the season and it made me sad to watch him lament his existence. His illusion was that he wasn't in control of his own life and was being controlled by family members. He is 88 years old and yes needs some assistance with things but in general is fully on autopilot. He chooses instead to look at limits and take inventory of how others have wronged him in the past. He has placed himself in a state of suffering that doesn't really exist. He wants for nothing and has everything he could possibly ask for yet finds the space to create misery.

I see smart people every day to the same thing without realizing it. I myself have been guilty of this in the past. With 95% of our life representing an American Dream come true, we can find ourselves focused on the 5% that isn’t perfect and stew in that tiny spot of imperfection until it festers into an avalanche of self-loathing. WHY?

There are oh so simple ways to change all of that. We are going to dive head first into that discussion starting January 5th at 9AM. I invite you to join us at our Mind-Body Mission conference. Let me share with you a simple idea that could jump start a better mindset NOW. As you awaken each morning, before you set a single foot on the ground, lay there and think of one experience that happened yesterday that you are grateful for or that held special meaning in some way. Focus on it and now state 3 simple things about it and allow yourself to relive it and soak in the joy of that moment. Now having warmed yourself in that moment set out on your day with a smile and better frame of reference.

Studies show that if you arise in the morning and plug into the negative news of the day on TV or radio, that within 6-8 hours you are 27% more likely to label the day as a negative experience. Reality is whatever you make it. What you think is REAL is usually and consistently a simple illusion of opinion and circumstance. You can take the power to drive the color in your sky or you can allow others to dictate your overcast. This is the true science of human nature and it will be summarized and delivered to you in January in three fun Saturday meetings.

The wisdom of the world, from some of the greatest thinkers and shapers has been assembled into a Mind-Body experience that literally could change the direction and certainly the degree of happiness in your life. If you are reading this and choose not to attend then I have to ask, what are you afraid of?  What jaded mindset and set of circumstances have robbed you of hope? I believe and can prove to you that every single day above ground is awesome if you choose to see it. If you are breathing right now then you have 2 things:

  1. Something to be grateful for and
  2. The ability to change the direction and meaning of your life starting right now.

I hope to see you in January. Call our office at (513) 924-5300 and ask to reserve your seat. The conference will be held January 5th, 12th and 19th, lasting 90 minutes on three consecutive Saturdays and each building on the prior week. Materials will be provided so that this experience goes with you and changes your life infinitely. It will be recorded and can be viewed LIVE virtually or later remotely. Let this be a part of a meaningful new year’s resolution. Allow yourself the space to learn something new that could change your perspective. Life is a cool ride but if you feel stuck then shake it off and go at it from a new direction. Every day above ground is AWESOME so come share that with others and tell your story.