Author: Dr. Gary Huber

Grass fed beef is a wonderful healthy food that takes us back to yesteryear. Modern day commercial farms have ruined many of the foods our grandparents taught us to love. Finding a farm that offers truly humane farming yielding healthy food is a blessing. Meet Grass Roots Farm.

Those of you that know me understand how passionate I am about great food from great organic sources and I’m a bargain hunter to boot so . . . I just purchased by second side of beef from a local farmer who operates an outstanding operation of grass fed beef. His animals are humanely cared for and actually have a pretty sweet life. No industrial slop pens for them. They graze on organic pasturelands, which results in healthy natural omega 3 fatty acids in the meat. There is roughly 150 mg of omega 3 fat in a 4 ounce serving of grass fed beef. That’s equivalent or greater than the amount of omega 3 fat you would get from eating tilapia, cod, haddock, yellowfin tuna, orange roughy, scallops, crab, lobster of shrimp.


The special added bonus is that there are no chemicals in this meat. No antibiotics, no hormones, no inhumane suffering.


Many grass fed operations feed their animals grains the last 4 weeks before “harvest” in an effort to fatten them up. The problem with this process is that eating the grain for a month causes a dramatic decline, losing 80% of the healthy omega 3 fatty acid content.


But isn’t grass fed organic beef expensive?

Here’s the great surprise. Currently in the market place, organic grass fed ground beef sells for $7.99 per pound. Steaks and roasts can sell for $20 or more per pound. I bought a side of beef and had it cut to my preferred specifications and paid $6.87 per pound for everything. I got ribeye and N.Y. strip steaks, tenderloin, stew beef, roasts, top round, flank and yes of course ground beef all for $6.87 per pound. As an added bonus it came wrapped in PAPER not plastic, and you know how much I hate plastic so this was huge. I felt like I was back in my grandfathers butcher shop.


But I don't have room for a side of beef?

Lets walk thru it together. Grass fed beef is healthy food for all and does not contribute to heart disease. Commercial beef with its hormones, antibiotics and unhealthy fat profile is the bad guy here. Besides, every living man demands a good steak and yes ladies I know you love it to. If you aren’t a huge beef lover then split a side with a friend. You can buy a freezer chest and put it in the basement for $200. You would save enough money on your first side of beef to more than pay for that freezer. Think about buying a simple 3 pound rump roast, 2 steaks and 2 pounds of ground beef at your local “organic food” grass fed beef store (you know the one). You would pay more than $100 for that order compared to $42 if you had your own side of beef. That's a $58 dollar savings in week ONE. Within a month or two you would have paid for the freezer in savings depending on your beef consumption.


Grass fed beef is simply a great meal option with healthy benefits. If some of the myths surrounding beef have scared you away then let this be an opportunity to reengage. The kind gentleman who runs Grass Roots Farm is Drausin Wulsin [email protected] .  Contact him to order your own side of grass fed beef and have a great steak. 


If you have any questions or care to share a thought about grass fed beef or other real food we would love to hear it.