Under the heading of, “Life is crazy and amazing” I MUST tell you a brief story. Huber Personalized Medicine sponsored an event for “Parental Hope” yesterday. It was a Santa Social for young kids to meet Santa and celebrate that they were ever born. You see, Parental Hope offers financial grants to families that need help affording in vitro fertilization. It provides families the hope of having children. At the event we were raffling off a kid’s wagon FULL (and I mean really full) of toys. It was a toddler’s dream come true.

I need to preface this story with a little fun fact. Are you aware of my personal events this past fall regarding Logan Turner? If not, then quickly read the story of Logan Turner here.   Take your time, I’ll wait.

So, at the end of today’s event we pull a name from the bag full of raffle tickets and guess what name appeared on the ticket? A toddler named Logan Turner. I was speechless . . . and amazed and a little scared. For years I have said that the good Lord has been hitting me over the head with 2x4’s with clues about where my life should go but this was a load of bricks on my head. Every time I “Pay it forward” I see amazing things come together. Great people and great energies conspire to make the world simply magical.

So, in this season of gift giving, love and unity I want each of you reading this to “Pay it forward” to someone, anyone, anywhere at every opportunity. If you do then YOUR life will grow richer and richer. You will be the very embodiment of altruistic love and your energy will pierce any negativity around you. You will be the light that inspires 1000 other people to be the light.

You don’t even need to extend any real effort or spend a big sum of money. Simply be present and be the solution to someone else’s problem. Open a door, buy a cup of coffee, give a compliment, tell someone they are special, smile at a stranger as if you really mean it. The answer is so simple if we will only slow down and actually BE IN the moment.

I leave you with one final thought:

Happiness is not making great things happen,
     it’s making incidental things that happen feel great.