Diabetes is a disease of lifestyle. It is not a genetic disease which comes as good news as it means we can impact it directly and even reverse it. We reverse type 2 diabetes every day in our practice of integrative medicine. It is not difficult to do but does require change. Adding Ozone as a tool to facilitate and speed up that change is an exciting option. Ozone has the proven power to treat diabetic foot ulcers, reverse vascular damage, decrease inflammation, and facilitate the cells ability to better use glucose. Combining this with intelligent nutrition and lifestyle factors puts you in control of your glucose.

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Your cells are built to use glucose or fat as fuel. But if we overexpose our body to excessive glucose (carbs), while engaging a stressed life with little physical activity, then we enhance the potential that the cell will become less efficient at making energy (ATP). There are a lot of factors that can precipitate Type 2 diabetes but at the heart of the problem is the cells inability to efficiently process glucose into ATP. The cell is struggling to make energy. This results in a lot of oxidative stress that overwhelms the body and damages tissue such as blood vessels, leading to increased heart disease and stroke risk.


Ozone addresses these issues directly by reducing inflammation, increasing our protective glutathione levels, and enhances ATP production through mitochondrial support of the cell. In studies, ozone has been shown to reverse the constriction of blood vessels to improve blood flow, thus protecting healthy tissue function. Here is a short list of Ozone effects in diabetics:

  • Enhances the body’s buffering systems to reduce dangerous oxidation
  • Enhances production of nitric oxide to dilate constricted blood vessels
  • Restores secretion of insulin and improves its ability to work at the receptor
  • Prevents the occurrence of nerve damage from diabetes (neuropathy)
  • Enhanced cellular energy thus supporting the ability to exercise


How to apply Ozone therapy:

Intravenous treatment is the most powerful way to engage. A small amount of blood is removed and mixed with ozone and then returned to you through an IV. The entire process takes 30-40 minutes. If your diabetes is severe this can be done twice per week and gradually reduced. Once your diabetes is reversed, ongoing ozone is optional for general good health support and prevention.

Diabetic limb ulcers (foot) respond with amazing speed to topical application of ozone gas. This is a completely painless, simple office procedure that takes 30 minutes. Excellent for acute care of even chronic diabetic ulcers.


Diabetes at its core is a loss of mitochondrial function and erodes the energy to repair, robbing you of function. Ozone drives mitochondrial function so that you are able to restore energy, as it reduces the damaging oxidative stress. Ozone is not a stand-alone therapy but will accelerate your recovery in conjunction with other integrative therapy.