There are multiple definitions of aging but one of the core beliefs of the science community is that aging is a loss of energy on the part of each and every cell. The loss of mitochondrial function as we accumulate oxidative damage. This happens gradually at different rates in different tissues. You and I influence that rate of decline with our diet, exercise, sleep and stress habits. The toxins we expose ourselves to also play a big role: plastics, pesticides, mercury dental fillings, processed foods, vegetable oils, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup.


It is happening right now, you are getting older. Excellent! Beats the alternative – 6 feet underground. BUT . . . what if we could give our cells a booster shot of energy? What if we could help our body’s detoxification systems and boost our immune response so we avoided cancer? How about stimulating my achy knees to heal themselves and reduce the inflammation in my lower back? Improving my blood sugar control would sure be nice for my heart. Yeah, I am on board for all of that and ozone opens the door.


Ozone stimulates our mitochondria to simply be more efficient. Make more energy (ATP) so that my body can heal itself from the day-to-day damage I am creating. Defend me against oxidative stress by bolstering my internal systems of defense. This is such a powerful adjunct that it not only kills cancer cells on contact but in studies of patients receiving chemotherapy, it improved the fatigue and adverse effects of chemo by more than 50% in 70% of the patients that engaged.

The number of physiologic effects of ozone are too broad to list here but for simplicity sake, “Ozone turns on our body’s defense mechanisms” (Nrf2, glutathione, cytokine balance, immune vigilance).

“The best treatment for any disease is not to get it”


In thousands of studies over more than a century, ozone has proven its ability to restore tissue health as it stimulates mitochondrial function and defends our heart, liver, gut, brain and all cells against the ravages of time. I want to grow old, but I demand that I feel young. That can happen but it’s not an accident. It’s an intention that requires a bit of effort on our part. Ozone is going to play a central role in my ability to not be “average”. I plan to defy the odds and I plan to enjoy the process.

If you have a passion for living and want to celebrate every day of your life as a gift right up to the end then join me in my path to longevity. Consider ozone as one of the best tools on that path and see what it can do for you. I will assist you in every step.

Full speed ahead.