Say hello to an amazing tool - welcome Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy is a medical therapy that has been used worldwide for more than a century. The first medical textbook detailing uses of ozone therapy for treatment of disease was written in 1885 by Dr. Kenworth of the Florida Medical Association. Thousands of medical research articles have shown the broad utility and safe application of ozone to stimulate healing. If you are wondering why your doctor hasn't recommended this to you the answer is simple . . . ozone is not a drug. In medical school we are taught how to use drugs and surgery to reduce symptoms. We are never taught how to reverse the causes of disease and that's where ozone excels.


So, what is Ozone?

Ozone is simply a special type of energetic oxygen. Ozone is made every day in the skies above us when lightning strikes through the air. The energetic charge of lightening causes a brief disturbance in oxygen molecules causing normally paired oxygen to find a third partner and cluster together as 3 oxygens. These 3 oxygens bound together are unstable and will soon fall apart but as it does it releases energy. YES! I want that energy. I want to infuse it into my cells to fuel healing and repair. But ozone does so much more.


Hormesis – the magic of oxidation.

When you go to the gym and exercise you are actually applying a stress to the body and in fact breaking muscles down. But it's a small stress and as you sleep the body comes back stronger. That is a process called “hormesis”. Apply a gentle pressure and the body grows stronger. Ozone engages this principle as it is an “oxidative” stress that the body welcomes and absorbs to come back stronger. Ozone has a similar hormetic effect.


You have major antioxidant buffering systems in your body. For years you have heard the word anti-oxidant and perhaps taken supplements or eaten foods that offer more antioxidant protection. But these antioxidants are small bit players in your physiology compared to entire systems your body has to manage oxidation. Controlled oxidation is critical for life and without oxidation you couldn't make energy and would surely die. Ozone represents a mild oxidative stress that stimulates your healthy antioxidative buffering systems to work BETTER. It drives production of glutathione, the king of oxidative protection in our body. This is why ozone is so helpful in driving detoxification, and stimulates protective mechanisms within our cells to assist them in aging more slowly. Cells become resistant to disease of all types due to this hormetic effect.


Aging & Longevity

The very reason I am hosting this type of therapy in my office is that I wanted it for ME. Yes, I will share it with you, but I am thoroughly convinced based on the medical literature and current science that Ozone is at the top of my living longer and thriving list of tools. Ozone actually imparts energy right into my mitochondria that helps them generate more ATP, more ENERGY. This is the radically cool and exciting aspect of Ozone. Every cell in my body, from my brain, to my heart, muscles, liver, kidneys, etc will be given a booster of energy to help heal and restore.


Aging is simply defined as the gradual loss of mitochondrial energy over time as we accumulate more oxidative stress and damage. If ozone stimulates my antioxidant buffering systems which it does, and at the same time stimulates the mitochondria to make more energy then I am DIRECTLY attacking the causes of aging. Yes I will get older, I hope to, but as I do I wish to maintain and even accelerate my body’s functional capacity. I want to feel younger and younger as I am resetting my cells to function at a higher and younger potential.


Immune system support

A secondary aspect of aging is the loss of your immune systems response. As we grow older our immune response fades and opens us up to more infections but also CANCER risk. Ozone kills cancer cells on contact!  Yes you read that correctly – kills cancer. More importantly it stimulates a part of our immune system that generates “Killer cells”. Yes, you actually own cells called killer cells that patrol your body looking for cancer cells and when found they kill the cancer cell. Killer cells also kill virus, parasites, yeast and bacterial infections. Killer cells are your internal SWAT team and ozone stimulates their presence and activity.


Infections such as Lyme, chronic Epstein Barr or cytomegalovirus, diabetic skin ulcers, hepatitis, pneumonia, sinus infections, colitis and other acute or chronic infection will benefit from ozone therapy. Organisms like bacteria and virus will be killed on contact as ozone oxidizes and dissolves their cell membranes. Despite this huge impact it will not damage the healthy flora of our gut. It can be sufflated directly into the bowel and benefit the microbiology of our intestines without adversely affecting our good flora. This diverse action can occur as Ozone is supporting our immune function and not acting solely as a killing agent.

Joint Support

Did you know that more than half of chronic arthritic joints have mycoplasma or other smoldering infection inside the joint space? This lingering infection in your joints is causing much of the pain you experience. Ozone can be injected directly into the joint to kill off these infections and at the same time stimulate repair of the tissue and reduce pain – IMMEDIATELY! Ozone energizes the cartilage and other tissues stimulating repair and restoration of tissue.

Here is a list of impacts you can expect from Ozone therapy:

  1. Ozone is Anti-Aging and promotes healthy vital longevity.
  2. Ozone increases oxygenation of your cells. Cancer hates that.
    1. Kills cancer cells on contact
  3. Ozone modulates your immune system.
    1. Enhances killer cell activity and normalizes immune balance to reduce autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid, Lupus, and Multiple sclerosis.
  4. Ozone supports mitochondria to increase energy production thus stimulates repair
  5. Ozone reduces the level of acidity of your body better than drinking alkaline water.
    1. Stimulates your antioxidant buffering capacity.
  6. Ozone kills invading bacteria and viruses
  7. Ozone reduces joint pain and stimulates repair and regeneration of tissue.

And the key here is that this is occurring in every cell in your body. It doesn't address one singular disease; it restores your body’s ability to heal itself.

Ozone is not a stand-alone therapy but accelerates and amplifies any integrative treatment in place to treat a disease state.

If you are ready to explore the potential power of ozone therapy then call our office now and speak with Carol to learn more about how you can get started. Dr. Bianco and I (Dr. Huber) are ready to explore your health and help decide if ozone is right for you. If you wish to learn more then check out the short video by Dr. Huber on “Ozone Basics – How & Why?” Or explore the monographs in this section detailing use of ozone to treat specific issues.

I hope you find this information as exciting as I do. I have been tracking the science of ozone for some time now and can’t wait to get you started with this phenomenal option.

Let’s get rolling to better health and longevity,
Dr. Gary Huber