When is the last time you rode a skateboard, climbed a tree or played hopscotch? Is it fair to say that you overall range of physical challenge has gone UN-challenged over the past decade or two? Even if you exercise regularly, what are you doing to improve balance and coordination? What about your BRAIN? An interesting fun fact is that as we age, our cognitive flexibility and strength seem to parallel our physical flexibility, balance, and strength. Makes sense as it is your brain that is responsible for coordinating all that movement of your feet and extremities. So what would happen if I exercised my BRAIN at the same time that I exercised my BODY while also incorporating balance movements? The answer was explored in scientific study with a resounding WOW, that really works. 

The concept of “dual-task training” is the idea that engaging your brain while in the midst of active exercise, challenges our body with synergistic benefits. Lifting weights and doing aerobic exercises triggers your body to naturally release growth factors that help the body repair and get stronger. If I stimulate my brain to solve a puzzle in the middle of this activity the body will naturally redirect those growth factors towards the brain which gets a big rush of these healthy growth factors for repair. My dim bulb gets a little brighter. 

In a study by Park in 2022 (Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2022) they asked participants to engage a 45 minute exercise routine that incorporated balance moves, strength challenges and cognitive exercise all done together. They received just 12 workouts over 6 weeks which is a relatively short time frame. The results were clear:  balance tests improved more than 100% compared to baseline and cognitive puzzle solving ability improved more than 3 times that of the control group. 

Other studies have shown that our cognition and our balance go hand in hand. It’s one of those imperceptible changes that occur with time. How long can you balance on one leg? How fast can you make decisions and solve complex issues? Is it as sharp as it was 10 years ago? Don’t wait for decay to creep in. I don’t care if you are 30 years old or 80 years old, blending proper Strength training + Endurance training + Balance + Brain training is a powerful mix that should be engaged by all of us who choose to live a long and active life. The science shows us that this simple idea has huge impact. Don’t ignore your brain in the gym.

The folks at Activate Brain & Body have initiated a revolutionary approach that I have never witnessed anywhere else. They have methodically assembled a very intelligent approach and staffed it with top of the line trainers that understand the true mission – excellent overall health for true longevity. They offer a very detailed assessment before they ever offer a workout so that they benchmark where you are and measure key variables. They then give you a structured program and one-on-one guidance to ensure that you execute it correctly to reduce any risk of injury. On a quarterly basis they reassess your status and progress to show the level of improvement you have made and make adjustments where needed. All you need to do is show up and bring a desire to get better physically and mentally. 

I have met the owners and trainers at Activate Brain & Body and they have my complete confidence which is why this is the only gym I whole heartedly endorse. It’s also the only gym I go to personally. It fits my ideology for Longevity and well-rounded fitness. 

If you feel compelled to take a test drive then announce that you are a patient of Huber Personalized Medicine and they will treat you to 4 weeks of FREE training. They are so confident in their mission that they want you to try before you buy. Also know that they will never come at you with high-pressure sales. If you don’t desire to be there then they will thank you for coming and wish you well on your journey. Great people, great program, and a solid tool for your personal longevity mission. 

Website: https://www.activatebrainandbody.com/
Phone: (513) 793-2724
Location:  9301 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242