I want to live a long productive and joyful life, but I don't want to "age". Longevity does NOT equal "aging". Aging means decay and erosion of your vital life force. Science today has identified the drivers of aging and with that understanding we have developed tools for combating it. Yes, we will grow older, everyone wants to grow older – but no one wants to age. 

In this video I identify the 3 primary drivers of aging and the many tools we have to combat this drift. These tools work and there is solid science behind them. The question you get to ask yourself is how do I wish to take on the passage of time? Simple things done consistently result it a greatly enhanced quality of life as well as a tremendous reduction in the need for traditional medical care. Less need for drugs, surgery, and other indignities. 

The invitation is here now for you and I to sit down and discuss these tools and create a structured plan of attack designed specifically for you. Review the materials listed in this video:
• Stem Cell Webinar – on HippEvo.com. Webinar: https://www.hippevo.com/articles/stem-cell-webinar Is this the right tool for you?
• Aging Score - was discussed in detail in our first podcast. https://www.hippevo.com/articles/aging-score
• Peptides – restoring function https://www.hippevo.com/articles/thymic-peptides-restoring-immune
• Ozone – Video - https://www.huberpm.com/post/ozone-basics-video   and articles  Huberpm.com https://www.huberpm.com/post/ozone-therapy-amazing-benefits
• Other educational materials on HippEvo.com

After some self-education with the above materials set an appointment to discuss your goals and targets. Let’s put that plan into action and enjoy each and every day from now to the joyful end. Take control of your future health now. This is the Road Map to Longevity.

Listen to our first podcast on Apple network or Spotify:  "Road Map to Longevity"