Longevity is NOT simply surviving in a decrepit old body. Longevity is about THRIVING and truly enjoying the journey with a vitally energetic mind and body. It’s about celebrating life as you are wholly capable and dynamic. Longevity is defined as living without the indignities of aging. Growing older is not the same as “aging”. Indignities such as limiting ourselves to a wheelchair, being inactive because we are too frail to function, Alzheimers cognitive decline, relegated to nursing home and marginalized. Growing older is not a rigid process it is flexible and mailable. It is under our influence.

Example if you are 60 years old and have noticed that you have lost a step . . . a little more achy, not as quick physically or mentally, your energy is struggling, sex drive and performance isn’t ideal, then you know of what I speak. The idea is not to simply resign yourself to chronic decay into your 70’s and 80’s with diminishing reserve and a shrinking existence. That's a horrible idea. Longevity is about reestablishing your youth, get your body to repair and restore to feel more like you did when you were 45. Longevity is about retaining this vital energy through your 80’s and 90’s and continue to exert yourself with the energy that you remember and retain as you grow older.

It is entirely reasonable with today’s understanding of the human body to reverse aging by 10 or even 20 years. It’s being done every day by those in the know. Are you willing to do the work to earn this potential? It may be a lot easier than you think.


That's the type of longevity I AM investing in.
That's the sort of lifespan and Healthspan that I expect.
I don’t care how many years I live but
every one of those years will be an awesome experience
full of energetic fun, love and enjoyment.


Should I start this when I turn 70?  NO!!!  People who get to enjoy longevity are people that are healthy TODAY. Longevity is little more than stamping out current health threats and optimizing your cellular function. Why would I wait to age 70 to begin to feel optimal? I want to feel great NOW and ride that wave for decades.

“But people who live to be 100 have to be perfect and have perfect genes”. That's a complete fallacy and has been studied. Most centenarians hold at least 5 to 6 bad genes and yet the genes never turn on to create harm. Some centenarians are overweight or even smoke. So, what’s the magic formula? It’s merely a numbers game. A % of a %. We enhance our % of living longer with less decline when we enhance the cells ability to repair. The name of the game is repair and restore.

The key to remember is that the very things we engage to promote a younger physiology will in fact make it very difficult for disease to exist. That means dramatic reduction in your risk for cancer, Alzheimers, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and weight gain. Younger cells don’t get sick and we fully intend to make your cells younger.

It is futile to simply take a supplement that promises you the moon and stars if your lifestyle doesn't support your cellular functions. Don't be fooled by silly simplicity that sells you a product without showing you the path. The path to excellent aging requires a carefully considered strategy engaged by a clinician that truly understand your personal needs and your cellular requirements. If you are bold enough to take this on then let’s get to work . . . or more accurately . . .  let’s start to play.