The liquid shake diet, low calorie, fat free, counting points . . . you’ve tried it all. Why haven’t they worked? Most people say the diet they tried was too restrictive, too hard, or too whatever. The real reason why they didn’t work? The mindset of weight loss wasn’t addressed. How many weight loss programs have you tried that actually addressed stress eating, anxiety, self-sabotaging thoughts or disabling beliefs? Likely little to none. This is and always has been the core foundation of our Virtuoso weight loss program. I would not be doing any of my patients a favor if I simply gave them a meal plan. Meal plans don’t work. A meal plan lacks the “WHY” and the belief behind the why.

Diets don’t work in the long run. Anyone can change their diet short term and white knuckle the experience with willpower but willpower will ALWAYS fail eventually. Yes, we can help you with an appropriate change of diet but if we don’t change the software that operates that diet, your brain and your beliefs, then this too will fail.

Changing our relationship with food works. Recognizing our ego and managing our perspective to stressful situations work, eliminating the “all-or-nothing” mentality with food works. After nearly a decade of helping thousands of men and women lose weight and keep it off, I can promise you this: there is no magic pill or magic formula that will yield results. It’s all in your mindset. It is your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that will dictate your weight loss outcome.

If you are committed (not motivated, but committed) to making a change, instead of focusing simply on what goes on your plate, we will focus FIRST on what goes through your mind because it is the thoughts that drive actions. Thoughts are based in your BELIEFS and so those need to be explored and adjusted. If you are ready, I’m ready. Let’s tackle this once and for all. If you are ready to look inward for answers then allow me to partner with you and guide this journey for an amazing experience that will change more than your weight. Understanding how your mind works and how you can tap into your beliefs for lasting change can change much more than your diet, it may change your life. Call me for a complimentary consultation to get started. 

Chelsea Dorsett, RD, LD