Prolozone is the direct injection of ozone into joints, muscles and other soft tissues. It works almost immediately to reduce or eliminate pain as it restores the tissues ability to heal itself. More that half of arthritic joints have smoldering infection living within the joint as mycoplasma or other invading elements. Ozone kills these invaders on contact, thus reducing one source of inflammation. The treatment is quick, easy and nearly painless. 

•    Acute and chronic pain
•    Nerve pain
•    Scar tissue
•    Rheumatoid arthritis/Autoimmune arthritis
•    Tendinopathies (tennis/golfers’ elbow, Achilles’ injury, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff injury, etc.)
•    Osteoarthritis (knee, shoulder, hip, spine, hands, feet, etc.)

•    Address the underlying problem
•    Stimulate self-healing ability of the body
•    Minimally invasive = minimal complications 
•    Minimal pain and short recovery time

•    Ozone
•    Dextrose
•    Sodium bicarbonate
•    Procaine (anesthetic)
•    +/- Low-dose corticosteroid
•    +/- B Vitamins

Ozone is a biologically modulating gaseous molecule that enhances oxygen utilization and mitochondrial function.  Prolozone is a nonsurgical injection utilizing both ozone and a therapeutic solution that reduces pain and stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanism.  It works by increasing circulation, improving oxygen utilization, regulating free radicals, decreasing acidic environment, lowering inflammation, and eradicating infection.  The combination of both the liquid and gas solutions provide the foundation for promoting tissue repair. 

Prolozone is minimally invasive and conducted as an in-office procedure.  An initial consultation is necessary to assess for other contributing factors (posture, nutrition, hormones, etc.).  Other therapies can be combined with this to enhance the recovery process and optimize results.  Some of these synergistic therapies include Platelet-Rich Plasma (self-blood) and bio-ethically derived placental or umbilical tissue that contain Decellularized Growth Factors or Mesenchymal Stromal Cells.