At Huber Personalized Medicine we pride ourselves in our ability to change and shape people’s lives. Our process guarantees that the HPM staff will champion you through every step of your journey - no matter how long or how difficult. This not only benefits you, the patient, but it also benefits all of us here at HPM. We get the chance to feel the excitement and joy that comes with every patient’s incredible success...and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Men's Health Testimonials

Jim, 52 years old. Regained confidence after struggling with ED for years. 

Jim, who was struggling with erectile dysfunction for several years received 12 GAINSwave treatments. In addition to the treatment Jim was counseled on his diet choices and completed lab work to check testosterone levels, inflammation markers and blood sugar.

“The most important result I’ve had with the GAINSWave treatment is a better, fuller erection. I’m in my 50s and in recent years my erection has been hit or miss. It helps mentally in feeling more confident, worrying less that ‘things’ might not work. I hadn’t realized how much the blood vessels had disappeared until after the GAINSwave treatment. Overall, there’s simply more blood flow that makes a lot of things better.” 

AJ, 45 years old. Unable to wake up energized and "desperately tired" until meeting Dr. Huber

AJ is a 45 year old male who reported feeling “old” for his age. He noted increasing fatigue, especially in the morning that didn’t get better until 9AM, and then would drop again by noon. Despite his young age he had developed high blood pressure and high cholesterol that was being treated with Lisinopril and Lipitor. Lab results showed a testosterone of 214, which is abnormal. Blood sugar and insulin levels were far too high reflecting a growing risk for type 2 diabetes. 

AJ’s treatment began with an approach to correct all of the hormonal abnormalities with the expectation that as testosterone, cortisol and thyroid function returned to normal that this would help restore proper blood sugar and cholesterol metabolism. We also began restoring nutrients that were being depleted by his drug regimen. Lipitor will deplete coenzyme Q10 as well as zinc and vitamin D. Replacing these allows body function to return to normal so that insulin receptor function and cell energy can improve.

After just 6 weeks AJ was experiencing improved energy levels and better sleep. After 6 months AJ’s lab showed a complete reversal of his insulin resistance as blood sugar levels were cut in half and insulin excess was reduced from nearly diabetic to completely normal. His low testosterone level of 214 improved to 747 with the expected rebound in energy and vitality, and this was accomplished without giving him any testosterone.

"I first visited Dr. Huber in December 2010, I was suffering from chronic fatigue, and I would wake in the morning after between 6 and 9 hours of sleep feeling desperately tired. It was so bad in the morning that my body felt like a heavy lead weight; even my eyelids seemed to be heavy. I was desperate to find out what was going wrong with me; I made an appointment to see Dr. Huber.  After we had the results from my initial tests it was confirmed that I had many vital levels that were way out of balance and ultimately contributing to adrenal fatigue. I was prescribed a number of herbal supplements to reverse the problems.

Dr. Huber actually promised me that he would cure me from this debilitating ailment and that I would feel far better in a short period of time. I felt that was a guarantee that could only be made by someone with extreme confidence and ability in what they practice. No one had ever given me guarantees like that before.

Within 3 months I had actually experienced what waking up feeling refreshed actually feels like. It was amazing to say the least. The heavy weight feeling was replaced with new strength and stamina. After 6 months of treatment all my vital levels were well within tolerances.The staff at Huber Personalized Medicine is simply fantastic. They really care and fully understand what you are going through. They actually spend the time to listen to you and then spend the right amount of time explaining what the problem is and how they will address it. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to get a new lease of life and feel strong, relaxed and healthy"