At Huber Personalized Medicine we pride ourselves in our ability to change and shape people’s lives. Our process guarantees that the HPM staff will champion you through every step of your journey - no matter how long or how difficult. This not only benefits you, the patient, but it also benefits all of us here at HPM. We get the chance to feel the excitement and joy that comes with every patient’s incredible success...and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Heart & Diabetes Testimonials

Ken, 45 years old. Losing 160 pounds, Ken goes from being "helpless to empowered." 

Ken weighed 501 pounds at 45 years old and with 4 kids he was concerned he wouldn’t be alive to see them grow up. He lost more than 200 pounds in 9 months and is still losing. His depression lifted, his blood pressure and sugar normalized, his energy went through the roof, and his whole life changed. At HPM we focus not only on nutrition, we also utilize cognitive behavior therapy techniques to ensure lifelong changes are made. 

"I tried not to ever think of myself as being an overweight person. Always prided myself over the years for being able to do the same things that normal people do while I was so overweight.  I was in denial.  The weight I carried was taking an awful toll on my body. When I finally did come around to seeing the truth, I was well over 400 lbs.   By then it was another four or five years of mental anguish, struggling with the guilt and helpless feelings about what I had let myself become.

I was oblivious to the things that were causing me to gain weight. All of the things that made my diet were the real problem.  In January of this year, I was weighing in at 503.  Once I was taught about all the causes of my weight gain and started acting on changing the things I was learning, it was not hard at all.   

Since the second week of January I have lost about 160 lbs.  It didn’t take long (about 6 1/2 months) and it was not the hard road I thought it was going to be.  Simply changing what I ate and a little exercise, common sense things that Dr. Huber and Chelsea (dietitian) taught me,  I feel more alive than I have in years.  This has started the ball rolling for me and I feel like I can continue on and lose the rest of the weight I need to –no problem. It’s good to have an ally that understands what I am doing.  Thank you."


Linda, 75 years old, reinvents herself and feels better than she did in her 30's.

Linda stated quite simply “I don’t want to die fat”. She was on multiple medications for high cholesterol, high blood pressure and acid reflux that were creating unwanted side effects. She felt miserable at 206 pounds which created poor sleep, achy joints, fatigue and depression. Linda was able to change her life and get rid of a lot of medication as she redefined her life. She reinvented herself at 75 years of age.  Linda began our Personalized Virtuoso Weight Loss Program. Her stomach (GERD) issue was addressed with appropriate treatments with probiotic, zinc carnosine and other support elements to heal the lining of her gastrointestinal mucosa. This along with proper diet and removal of inflammatory foods led to great improvement.

"A number of months ago after my 75th birthday, I decided I did not want to be a fat, unhealthy, old grandmother and that Dr. Huber was my last chance to accomplish that dream.  Over the months I have lost 57 pounds with the help and enormous encouragement from ALL the staff members at HPM.    Dr. Huber and the Chelsea did not accept my excuses when I gained a pound and that was exactly what I needed – accountability.  I’m full of energy, my arthritis is much improved and I no longer take medication for my high blood pressure nor stomach ulcer.  The minor health problems I experienced during the months were immediately dealt with by Dr. Huber.  Nothing was too big or too minor for his attention.  I like myself now and I could not have managed without the help of Dr. Huber and all of his staff."