At Huber Personalized Medicine we pride ourselves in our ability to change and shape people’s lives. Our process guarantees that the HPM staff will champion you through every step of your journey - no matter how long or how difficult. This not only benefits you, the patient, but it also benefits all of us here at HPM. We get the chance to feel the excitement and joy that comes with every patient’s incredible success...and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Gut Health Testimonials

Chris, 19 years old. Severe IBS symptoms

Chris had constant bloating, constipation and stomach pain throughout his teenage years. He was rapidly losing weight and by the time he was a freshman in college, Chris weighed 105 pounds. With little relief from medications, Chris and his mother were looking for answers. The constant stomach pain, bloating and constipation affected Chris’s daily life, mood, energy and sleep patterns. Chelsea ordered a comprehensive food sensitivity and allergy panel that revealed he was reacting to grains. High quality, pharmaceutical grade probiotics and other supportive digestive supplements were started. 

"My son, Chris, is finally experiencing digestive relief thanks to Chelsea Dorsett, Registered Dietitian. Chris had stomach pains and indigestion, which interfered with his life on a daily basis. He was losing weight and had no appetite. His GI doctor did many tests that were all “normal” despite on going problems. Chelsea was extremely encouraging, positive and full of sound nutritional information for Chris. After ordering blood tests she came up with a list of compatible foods and helped Chris to “focus on the foods you can eat, instead of the foods you need to avoid right now.” Chelsea contacted Chris every week to check on his progress. Chris is now experiencing a 90% improvement with his stomach issues, while being armed with nutrition knowledge that will benefit him for a lifetime." 

Andrew, 4 years old. ADHD and compulsive behavior. 

Andrew’s teacher requested that he be taken to the doctor for medication as he was overly disruptive in class. After just two weeks of dietary changes and natural supportive supplements, the teacher thanked Andrew's mom and asked what medication was being used to cause such a dramatic change. “None”, replied Mom. At HPM we commonly see foods that are disruptive to the gut also are disruptive to the brain and making a few simply changes can make a world of difference. 

“My 4 year old son’s pre-K teacher sent me a recent email stating he had impulse control issues, troubling focusing, and had trouble staying on task. She suggested that he be evaluated by his pediatrician. I did not want to take him to his pediatrician for fear they would want to “medicate” him. I immediately consulted Dr. Huber. He asked me to make a list of what my son’s diet consisted of. How many fruits and vegetables he was getting. I listed on average what he ate during a 1 week period. Little did I know he was getting way too much sugar. I thought 100% natural fruit juice was healthy. Dr. Huber advised me making some dietary changes and work with his dietitian to help make this transition easy. In less than 2 weeks he was a totally different child. His teacher told me how “calm” he was. We can go places and he is not being disruptive. He can sit still for a longer period of time. He is less intense and just seems happier. The difference in his whole personality completely changed. Thank you so much Dr. Huber for protecting my son’s future!” 

Andy, 70 years old. Chronic diarrhea and low Testosterone 

Andy was referred to us by his cardiologist for weight loss to reduce cardiac risk. We also uncovered that he had low testosterone and food allergies, which we treated to improve his heart function. We resolved his diarrhea and IBS within 2 weeks, and helped him reach his goal weight.

Given his bowel history and it’s importance on general body inflammation we began a course of bowel recovery employing probiotics and detoxification which netted immediate results. By week 2 Andy reported that his chronic diarrhea was completely resolved. We addressed his low testosterone and within 6 weeks his testosterone was within the normal range. His mood is much improved and we are discussing the possibility of reducing or removing anti-depressant medication.

My initial weight of 198lbs. was a major health concern said my heart doctor, Dr. Dean Kereiakes of Christ Hospital.  He suggested seeing Dr. Gary Huber.  I was having difficulty bending forward (weight exerted pressure on my chest) and I was very uncomfortable and it had affected my personal thoughts of how was I going to get well and return to my desired weight?   I tried Weight Watchers and could not develop the interest prior to seeing Dr. Huber and his personalized program.  They assisted and guided me from day one and I could not have accomplished my goal of 170lbs without them.  They provided me individual attention, encouragement, monitoring and tests and the results came from all of their efforts. I will be forever grateful to all the fine people at Huber Personalized Medicine for their kindness and assistance in achieving my goal of 170lbs.  Now I have entered a maintenance program to stay at the current level.


Rick, 45 years old. Undiagnosed food allergies and intolerances 

Dr. Huber and his staff have changed my life for the better. When I first came to Dr. Huber I was constantly getting sick about twice per month and having to miss work. I was going to the ER 4-5 times a year and finally was in the ICU for 3 days. For 3 years I searched for answers. I had been to many top doctors and they had run almost every test on me and wanted me to try this pill or that pill. I had enough. My wife had heard about Dr. Huber and after visiting him and his dietitian, Chelsea, they both determined what was wrong with me. I was highly allergic to many foods. Since removing the foods they identified and treating me with sublingual immunotherapy, I have not been sick since. I am no longer getting sick with the flu or sinus infections. He is a great advocate for the patient. My wife, father-in-law, my son and mother all see Dr. Huber and Chelsea. I have never felt better in my entire life and I owe it to Dr. Huber and his staff.  

Erik, 53 years old. "Dr. Huber offers a complete and comprehensive approach to medicine"

Dr. Huber offers a complete and comprehensive approach to medicine.  He is extremely thorough with his evaluations, and works to understand the underlying issue – instead of simply treating symptoms.  The approach to addressing the root cause ensures a complete recovery from the purpose of the visit and reduces potential for reoccurrences. 

I personally view Dr. Huber as more of a friend than my physician.  He has helped me work through a variety of issues ranging from digestive problems to mental health concerns – and everything in-between.  I first met Dr. Huber after an accident that left me with a traumatic brain injury.  I was experiencing symptoms of fatigue, lethargy, difficulty concentrating, brain fog – along with debilitating pain and anxiety.  I saw many doctors through referrals from the hospital that initially treated me, but I was making little progress through my symptoms.  I was referred to Dr. Huber by Dr. Rob Balza (Airrosti Rehab), who was treating me for neck traumas from my accident.

Dr. Huber immediately started walking me through information regarding brain traumas – that had not been presented to me in any visits with any of the doctors, prior.  He took time to explain details of the diagnosis and how it can impact both mental and physical health.  He made sure I understood conceptually what we were dealing with and the corresponding treatment options.  He gave me a lot of information in that initial visit, but most importantly – he gave me hope. 

I trust Dr. Huber with my health and the health and wellness of my friends and family.  I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for personalized care as an alternative to our typical medical system.  Dr. Huber is a wealth of knowledge and a breath of fresh air – and I am truly grateful for him and his staff at Huber Personalized Medicine.

Pauls radical remission from stage 4 pancreatic cancer. 

Paul was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer with spread to colon, diaphragm and blood vessel walls. Through a combined effort of integrative cancer care and traditional chemo and surgery, Paul is cancer free against all odds.