At Huber Personalized Medicine we pride ourselves in our ability to change and shape people’s lives. Our process guarantees that the HPM staff will champion you through every step of your journey - no matter how long or how difficult. This not only benefits you, the patient, but it also benefits all of us here at HPM. We get the chance to feel the excitement and joy that comes with every patient’s incredible success...and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Women's Hormones Testimonials

Annette, 36 years old. Overcame PCOS and eliminated several prescription medications 

Annette felt like a prisoner in her disease of polycystic ovarian syndrome with obesity, daily heartburn and depression. She was on several medications in an attempt to control her PCOS symptoms with limited success. The birth control pills used to keep her menstrual cycles regular were contributing to depression which was being treated with Celexa. The excess weight contributed to esophageal reflux for which she took Omeprazole, but this medication is exacerbated her IBS. With the guidance of Dr. Huber, Annette lost over 100 pounds, reversed her PCOS and eliminated her antidepressant and omeprazole medication. 

"Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) has held me prisoner in my own body for most of my adult life. Obesity, acne, unwanted hair and depression- these are the symptoms I thought I would never overcome. I met with Dr. Huber and I was cautiously optimistic. Could it be that the mainstream treatment I had subscribed to since I was 18-years-old was partly responsible for my continued problems? After following all of Dr. Huber's recommendations I have lost 100 pounds, I have endless energy and all prescription medications are eliminated.  Here is what I have gained: confidence, energy, passion for healthy living and elevated mood. One year ago I would not have been able to imagine myself as the woman I am today. As a carb-addicted, exhausted and disconnected person I felt trapped in my own body. I have worked hard. But if I can do it, ANYONE can do it! Embracing a new way of thinking about PCOS has most surely saved me from a future of diabetes, heart disease, depression and obesity. Dr. Huber and the staff at Huber Personalized Medicine have directed me and helped me to meet my goals. 

Melinda, 44 years old. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy cured her migraines!

Melinda had suffered from horrible migraines for more than 30 years before coming to us. They were a significant problem that greatly reduced the quality and flow of her life. She was able to change her diet and stabilize her hormones by using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, resulting in complete resolution of her migraines. 

"I am a woman in my 40’s who has had migraine headaches since elementary school.  Up until my hysterectomy I had at age 40 I would get these headaches in different intervals. Over the years I have found medications to help with the symptoms, but never anything to make the migraines not come on in the first place.  Four days after the hysterectomy I started to get the headaches every other day. I was miserable for months and months and felt as if I would go crazy.  I tried going to my regular doctors and they could not help me. They tried synthetic hormones and they just made everything worse.

 At this point I found Dr. Huber and this saved my quality of life. I started bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. I could see some improvement when I started counting the intervals of migraines in weeks instead of days and now I am counting them in months and going on one year in April of 2012.  I think I can safely say that for the first time in my life I am a migraine free person!"